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misc: awesome like an albatross
Title: these scars will fade away but never disappear
Series: Dark Court
Author: Calex
Rating: PG
Summary: . Lorccán looked at him with pure, pure eyes and Arran doesn’t remember when he started to hate that innocence rather than want to protect it with all his might.
Notes: From the same 'verse as Cado in Tenebris, a side-story featuring someone from Lorccán's past. For ivorytowers's birthday, sorry it's so late! Hope this is okay. Lyrics from La Dispute's "The Surgeon and The Scientist".

Arran’s reunion with his brother is a complete accident, as these things usually end up being.
misc: awesome like an albatross
Title: Of flirtation and first dates
Author: Calex
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: The characters, situations etc. are mine, the universe is shared by the writers of the Oblique Reference Project. This is an original story.
Notes: Fifth of the Gabe and Holly series! Or rather, the pre-Cambion arc ficlets.. Hope you enjoy this. This is the second last of the ficlets from this series. There will be more Gabe and Holly ficlets, but of the official “pre-Cambion arc”, this and part six are the last.

Title: Almost Lover
Author: Calex
Fandom: Original
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Sliiiiiiiiight insinuation of incest, angst. The most vague sex scene I've ever written in a long, long while. O.o
Notes: Sixth and final official ficlet of the Holly and Gabe ‘verse. There will be more ficlets/drabbles but this is the last official one. Who knew when I first started this series that this would be the ending? Sort of for petalsofash? Is this a good enough bribe for you?
Previous parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.
8th-Aug-2008 08:47 pm - Fic: Forever
misc: awesome like an albatross
Title: Forever
Author: Calex
Rating: PG-13
Notes: From the Human Realm Chronicles 'verse (a.k.a. the Holly and Gabe 'verse). Set a little bit into the future, possible part of the mainstory.
Summary: Holly's hurting, and Gabe's the only one who can comfort him.

5th-Aug-2008 12:14 am - Ficlet: Pretty In Pink
misc: awesome like an albatross
Title: Pretty In Pink
Author: Calex
Rating: R
Summary: Caellach plays a prank on Fionn that becomes quite the gossip.
Notes: A Cado in Tenebris sidestory of sorts for stoplightgodess.

(Pretty In Pink)
2nd-Aug-2008 01:38 pm - Ficlet: All Hallow's Eve (1/1)
misc: awesome like an albatross
Title: All Hallow's Eve
Author: Calex
Rating: PG-13...?
Notes: Side story of Cado in Tenebris, requested by here by ivorytowers, who wanted to know what exactly happened that night on that drunken, debauched Halloween that Cael and Fionn keep alluding to, and evading questions about...

(All Hallow's Eve)
26th-Jul-2008 05:08 pm - Fic: Cado in Tenebris (8/?)
misc: awesome like an albatross
Title: Cado in Tenebris (8/?)
Author: Calex
Rating: Overall story is rated Mature.
Disclaimer: The concept of this story is mine. The universe is owned and shared between the writers of the Oblique Reference Project. Any similarities to persons or situations are completely coincidental and not intentional.
Notes: Since it took so long to get chapter 7 out, I decided to hurry it up with chapter 8. So I hope you guys like the double update. ^_^ Well, that was my intention, but it took longer than expected. Still, it’s much longer than the last update? ^_^;;
Note 2: I seem unable to write this story without listening to copious amounts of JRock. Which is just bizarre because there is nothing JRock-y about this fic at all.
Note 3: There is surprisingly very little JRock listened to during the writing of this. Now, it’s lots of Flyleaf and Stonesour.

Chapter 8: Calm Before The Storm

He was avoiding Bael.

Everyone could see his intention and tried to talk to him about it, but so far, Caellach had managed to avoid their concern, laughing it away. It wasn’t too difficult, though, because as much as those kisses haunted him he knew he had more pressing matters to think of – the visit to the Court. He worried about the summons, worried about what the Order wanted from them, from Brén. Moreover, he worried about what they would do and say in front of his companions. He might have told Fionn about his past, but he did not relish the thought of the others knowing, at least not yet. He knew that while they were living in the Demon Kingdom that the wish for the others to never know was fruitless, but he had at least hoped that he could choose the time and place for that particular conversation. Knowing the nature of the Order, however, he knew that his time was limited. In just a day, they were leaving. Bael had already made the announcement at dinner the previous night and it did not seem that any of his companions took the news better than he did. Even the usually perfectly composed Brén had paled slightly, jaw growing tense.
textCollapse )

Okay, I know, I know, no Dark Court shenanigans yet but I wanted to get this part out and it seemed like the right place to end the chapter. Sorry. ^_^;; Hope you guys like it, though.
1st-Jul-2008 12:31 am - Mod Post
misc: awesome like an albatross
Hi, long time no see! Anyway, sorry for the delay of Chapter 7 of Cado in Tenebris, but it's done now and Chapter 8 is being worked on right now. However, the point of this post is that there have been some changes to the community:

+ New layout
+ New banner
+ New profile

So check it out, and let me know what you guys think. The layout is best viewed with the nav bar on, just to let you know so if the header menu is messed up, that's why.
30th-Jun-2008 03:59 pm - Fic: Cado in Tenebris (7/?)
misc: awesome like an albatross
Title: Cado in Tenebris (7/?)
Author: Calex
Rating: Mature
Disclaimer: This universe is shared, created and owned by the writers of the Oblique Reference Project. The characters and situations herein are of my own creation. Any similarities to situations and/or persons living or dead are purely coincidental.
Notes: Sorry for the delay in this chapter! I started college about a month ago and it’s been hectic. Thanks to all my reviewers and the readers also. It’s nice hearing from you in whatever context. I hope all of you are still enjoying this story and will continue to do so. Also, do you like the .pdf file concept? If so, if anyone wishes I can make a .pdf file of each chapter and post it up with the new chapters. Let me know. If the answer is yes, I’ll begin with Chapter 8. This chapter is written while listening to Gilgamesh.

Chapter 7Collapse )
9th-Mar-2008 03:57 am - Fic: Cado in Tenebris (6/?) part 1
misc: awesome like an albatross
Title: Cado in Tenebris (6/?)
Author: Calex
Rating: PG-13… ish?
Disclaimer: As ever, this story, the plot and characters are mine. The universe was created and shared between the writers of the Oblique Reference Project of which there are now four. Any resemblance to persons living or dead, or situations are purely coincidental; therefore, don’t sue.
Notes: Despite saying that I’d try to get this part up as soon as possible, the writing of it wasn’t done for more than a month after, so sorry to all of my readers. Saying that, er, here! Hope you all like it. And check out my journal for more ficbits to tide you over. There are a series of ficlets for a future story I’m writing set in the OR universe and a few AU stories featuring the brats of CiT and other OR ‘verse characters. Some even set in RP verse.
Note the second: If anyone’s wondering where I got the ranking for the Demons, it’s from the grimoire, ‘The Lesser Key of Solomon’. Information can be found on Wikipedia.
Note the third: How sad is it that this is turning out to be my longest fic so far? It’s past the 40000 word mark and, eep, not even half way through. Of course, it’s probably because I waffle and write unnecessary things but hey, maybe you guys would like a bit of background, of which this chapter certainly does have a dearth of.

Previous chapters: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Colours (side story, NWS)

Download: Chapter 1 - 6 (.pdf file)

Part OneCollapse )

On to Part 2!
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