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Oblique Reference
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Photo: Zetsubou
Two more illustrations:

x1 Astaroth from Cado in Tenebris by _calex_
x1 Tanno from my unwritten salamander story *headdesks*

(Fake cut 1: .r.e.m.i.n.i.s.c.e.)

Also, Drabble about Tanno + illustration

title// Salt
fandom// ORIGINAL (omg *headdesk*)
author// gomimushi
rating// PG?

(Fake cut 2: Salt on a wound always stings )

... and that's it =w=
1st-Feb-2008 05:37 am - Fic: Usual Order
misc: awesome like an albatross
Title: Usual Order
Author: Calex
Rating: ... I suck at ratings. Whatever it is for swearing. Lots. Because Gabe and Holly would not be Gabe and Holly without their vulgar vocab.
Disclaimer: Mine. That is all.
Notes: ... Fourth ficlet in less than a week of these two. The rest of the kids are going to be crying bloody murder for ignoring them in favour of Gabe and Holly but these two are just such a trip. Again, part of the Oblique Reference Project. And comments are very much welcome and unlike Gabe, I don't bite. Or shoot people. Or threaten to stab them in the eye. Much. *grin*

( It was the fifth night that they were eating dinner in the trendy little French bistro four blocks away from Gabriel's apartment...)
30th-Jan-2008 05:31 am - Ficlets: Gabriel and Holly
misc: awesome like an albatross
Author: Calex
Rating: PG-13 for lots, lots and lots of swears. The kids have such a bad habit about cussing.
Disclaimer: They are mine. That is all.
Notes: Sort of part of the Oblique Reference Project. Namely, the Human Realm one. Gabriel is a Cambion and Holly is his best friend. To get a feel of their characters before I write the main story (and because they won't shut up), I'm writing a series of ficlets about them. Doesn't need to be read in any particular order.

Wherein childhood friendship begins...
Fashion Statements and French Cuisine
27th-Jan-2008 02:52 pm - Cado in Tenebris (5/?)
misc: awesome like an albatross
Title: Cado in Tenebris (5/?)
Author: Calex
Rating: R (mostly for swears and sexual innuendo and some violence in the future… and, er, badness all around. The rating of this story has been moved up to R)
Disclaimer: This universe is shared between the members of relativus_lima and this story and the characters within it are my sole property. This work is fictional and any similarities to persons living or dead, and situations in real life are purely coincidental.
Notes: I’m trying to churn out the next bits as soon as I can. We’re getting to the interesting bits now, people, so pay attention. Thanks to my reviewers, you guys are pure awesome.
Note the second: Oh yeah, this chapter? Angst. And tension. And a bit of drama. Get your snacks ready. Also, this baby? Now over the 30 000 word mark. AND I AM SO SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG.
Previous parts: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4 and CiT sidestory (NWS).

There was really nothing better than a hot bath when your muscles ached in places you didn't know muscles existed...Collapse )
15th-Jan-2008 04:35 pm - Modly Post!
while i'm away i'll write home every day
Again I am lacking with the fic (unless you check my journal, which you probably shouldn't). But! I still have good news, as we now have another author swayed to the dark side. Please welcome faeriechii, aka Melissa, my good friend in real life, procrastination and craziness, and she's already gone a bit nuts and formed several family trees for her characters. XD So we'll hopefully see some things from her soon.
9th-Jan-2008 11:47 am - HAY THERE FANARTS AGAIN
Photo: Zetsubou
It's a painter set of our uke characters!! :'3
i'm reposting the two that i posted before, because it's not a set without them *laughs*

Cael, Llyr, and my Aral(repost)Collapse )
7th-Jan-2008 05:52 pm - Modly Post!
while i'm away i'll write home every day
Greetings, my munchkins! I am your other mod, the ~*phantom*~ mod, as _calex_ has so affectionately termed me. Alas for this not being a proper story update on my part, but I promise I will have fic for you all soon. Eventually? Er, no matter; it will happen someday.

Anyway! While I know most of you are quite brilliant and read the comm rules and all that, there are some individuals that are still attempting to join the community. Please understand that unless we have invited you, or you've sent us writing samples and we've approved you, we ask that you not try to join. All of our posts are public, so you can simply friend/watch the community and you won't be missing anything. We prefer to have only the people who are actively participating in the fic universe to be members--it's easier to keep track of things that way. We're fairly lenient here, but if anyone tries up to three times to join the community, we will simply ban them for their foolishness. Thank you so much for your understanding!

Until next time,
V (petalsofash)
misc: awesome like an albatross
Title: Cado in Tenebris (used to be Art of Resistance)
Author: Calex
Rating: PG-13 ish for swears. And mostly overall.
Notes: Am not happy with the beginning of this chapter but ended up liking it the last bits. Also don't think the descriptions in this chapter was good enough or even just enough considering they've reached the Dark Court. It's a bit awkward and stilted but bear with me. I just needed to get the chapter out and posted, and it's worked because the next bit's the fun bits. I'll try to do better with the next chapter! Sorry!
Previous parts: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3

The journey to the Dark Court took four days on horseback...Collapse )
3rd-Jan-2008 11:47 pm - Fanart
Photo: Zetsubou
Hi there! Pandarosi here.
Nice to meet you. I guess i'm the resident fanartist of this project so far, but hopefully people are going to pwnz me with their own contributions. *swt* ;; or not. it's easy to pwn me though

_calex_ has poked me into updating the comm with some fanarts I've done for the project, even though the stories I've drawn them for haven't been written yet. This is partially my fault and I will try to rectify this immediately DXX

To save your flists, i'm putting them under a cut :D

Click for the full picture + one sketchCollapse )

Oh, just before you tell me, i know i can't draw boys that look like boys DX this is why i drew the girlyboy characters
I'll need reference before attempting any of the other characters DX

i'm working on cael, i promise! i promise! except he still looks like a host!

it's just that my drawing hand has taken over ._.'' it's because i got a new tablet, i swear, and i have copic inks to play with soon...

either way, :D

until next time <3

/end lame post
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