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relativus_lima's Journal

Oblique Reference
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original slash fiction
Oblique Reference
Aims Of The Community
relativus_lima, aka Oblique Reference, is the slash round robin project begun by _calex_ and petalsofash. We're looking for more writers who would be interested in writing in the universe we've created. For now, this community is by invitation only, but if you're interested in joining, email us at calex.writing@gmail.com or deadroses@gmail.com (petalsofash). We'd love to look at a sample of your work.
All we want to do is to have fun writing and reading quality slash fantasy fiction. We welcome insanity, perviness, snark and creativity. We fangirl over fic, art and pretty boys. We contemplate torture methods both of the fun kind and the dark kind. We love Machiavellian attitudes and made up words. Our modus operandi is slash, pretty boys, snark, humour, angst and all such fun things. We listen to music by bands with questionable fashion sense and/or sanity. We welcome the weird and outlandish and the pretty.
The Writers
News and Updates
_calex_ - Has an obsession for yaoi manga and anime. Writes fanfiction (HP, The Covenant, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Anita Blake and anything else that catches her fancy). Has a soft spot for crossovers, especially if they're crazy, and weird pairings. Has fallen out of the fanfiction scene as of late, but has every intention of returning. Soon. Maybe. We'll see. She's also a procrastinator of the highest degree. Can be found online at odd hours in the day. Her brain is permanently residing in the gutter, and she possesses a very, very filthy mouth. Though she's trying to curb the swears, really. Likes creative swear words and insanity. Possibly because she's insane herself. Has an obsessive personality that comes out especially when she's downloading either music or manga, and when she's "playing around" with Photoshop. She will be majoring in Art History sometime in the future. Right now, though, she's still a college Freshman.

petalsofash - She goes by Vicki on LJ and Poldera in the Sims 2 community, but has been known as V or Jauqueline/Jauq in other circles. Calling her Vicki or Dera, though, will generally garner you the most attention.

Anyway, Vicki also has the crazy. She listens to too much jrock, which has sucked out the rest of her mind, and quietly and bizarrely fangirls certain band members. Her writing career started out with a tale about a cursed fly family with a penchant for getting eaten by cats and has never fully recovered. She has written fanfiction in the past, but you won't know her because she either didn't post it or did it so long ago that no one else remembers it. She reads like a maniac and almost certainly has more books than you--unless you are a librarian, a bookworm hermit, or [info]peke, in which case you win. Her sleep schedule is all over the place and she can be found online at random hours of the day, possibly more than is healthy. There is a rumour that she runs on Pacific time. Currently she is at war with college and feeling indecisive on whether she will major in psychology, computers, or something else entirely. She employs much too much sarcasm, is an obsessive Sims 2 player, a lover of cat macros, a procrastinator, a lurker, a compulsive music downloader that thinks nothing of grabbing entire discographies at a time and has had far too much coffee so any typos in this chunk of text are entirely due to that and because using spell-and-grammar check is hard.

gomimushi - Pandarosi is a retarded animu fangirl who also goes by a plethora of other names, including Miyun (which she uses the most online), Tsunoto, Mien, Xtine and Tsundere, depending on the website and purpose, as she will probably try anything fandomy at least once. Miyun is generally more of a fanartist/cosplayer/photoshop addict but she’s starting to get back into the whole writing thing with Hitman Reborn fanfiction, which bugs her and never leaves her alone. The last time she wrote anything original was probably two or three years ago, and it was also probably awful. She decided to join in this madness on a whim and begs your forgiveness for any indecent conduct, obsessive fangirling, or obscure anime references made. She can be found online most of the time unless she’s in a bad mood, cosplaying, or has an essay deadline looming. She used to go to the same school as Aida but now reads English Language and Literature (for some insane reason) in a fairly famous London university and is probably going to fail her first year. She sometimes wishes she did an art foundation course so she has an excuse to potter around covered in marker and paint, or play with her parents’ shiny shiny DSLR, but she’d probably procrastinate and fail that as well.

She doesn't really know what else to write and is currently jetlagged because she’s on holiday in Singapore as she types this and doesn’t want to sleep.

faeriechii - is a bit of crazy randomness. She has a tendency to say little odd things at the most opportune moments such as "Life is boring... I need more napkins." She is known by a few names including Ellyria, Melissa, Cinnia, and Lissy (occasionally spelled with an ie at the end). She's addicted to chocolate and coffee - both will have her bouncing off the walls in squeeing joy. She began to write when her muse showed up and bribed her with impossibly unignorable plot bunnies. Recent plot bunnies have mainly involved Harry/Draco fanfiction. The relationship with her muse is a love-hate one so she often faces the challenges of writer's block. You will find her online while she is awake as she lives on the internets and cannot live without her computer. Procrastinating is her way of life. Having graduated with a degree in Economics (for practical purposes, naturally), she is stuck in an analytical job that she detests. She gets through life with a bit of sarcasm, cynicism, and dry humor.

Now, she is done writing about herself because she is boring.
30/12/2007 The project has a website! Visit Oblique Reference now. Also, a character Q&A for Cado in Tenebris is going on in _calex_'s journal. Check that out, too.
03/01/2008 - WE HAVE FANART. YAY. gomimushi, our artist in resident and third writer, has given us art. *weeps with joy at the pretty* Check it out! It's also on the website.
13/01/2008 - Some updates a little late, but we bring more news! The Art of Resistance was getting on _calex_'s nerves, so it is now called Cado in Tenebris. Chapter 4 has been posted of said story. We have another fanart post from gomimushi who is pure awesomeness and has drawn me Cael! Cael lives in art! Also re-did previous art of as yet unposted Llyr from petalsofash's story. And finally, we have a new writer for the community! Welcome faeriechii, may we all get along well and for a long time. We look forward to your contribution to this community.
27/01/2008 - Cado in Tenebris has been updated. Chapter 5 is here. Enjoy!
09/03/2008 - Cado in Tenebris has been updated. Chapter 6 is here. A .pdf file of the story from chapter 1 - 6 is now available for download. Two fanarts by gomimushi as well as a drabble available. Go read, because it's just wonderfully beautiful.
30/06/2008 - Cado in Tenebris has been updated. Chapter 7 is here. The community has been given a makeover, let me know what you think of the layout.
26/07/2008 - Cado in Tenebris has been updated. Chapter 8 is here.

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